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One of the biggest problems for homeowners in the Delaware Valley is the epidemic of damaged stucco or Dryvit. Leaks and water penetration are the cause, but what’s the solution?

Over the last decade, our experienced contractors have watched as more and more homes crumble from the inside out due to stucco failures. If your home has stucco or Dryvit damage, even if it appears to be minimal, you must treat it immediately! We have seen numerous homes in which the damage has spread to the interior of the house, leading to dangerous structural damage. The frame of your house may literally be rotting away.

Moreover, when water damage seeps into the interior of a home, you will likely see mold growth, which can cause serious health issues for your family and children. Black mold is a particular danger, one that must be addressed immediately to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

These are major problems that require a targeted solution. You need Murtagh Bros. Inc., the stucco remediation and repair experts who have been helping families throughout the Delaware Valley for almost two decades.

How Do I Know If I Have A Stucco Or Dryvit Problem?

As you’ll see in some of the photos above, many homes appear to be fine from the outside. It’s all too common to miss the signs of stucco damage by just looking at a house. In many cases, water penetration only seems to cause minor damage to a home’s exterior.

But we’ve learned time and time again, after removing the stucco from the walls, that water damage has caused extensive devastation – as the water rot spreads through the home’s wooden frame.

So how do you recognize if you have a stucco or Dryvit problem? Here are some key indicators that our stucco repair experts have identified as crucial:

  • brown streaks or stains under the corners of your windows often referred to as “stucco tears”
  • discoloration at the base of your window
  • brown streaks or stains at the intersection of roofs and walls
  • a musty smell of mold in your home
  • damp or wet carpet/flooring
  • leaks in windows and doors

If you’re currently experiencing any of the problems we listed above, please contact our stucco repair & water damage remediation experts to come to take a look. We can help assess the extent of the problem and propose targeted solutions, including repairs or remediation.

How To Repair or Remediate Stucco or Dryvit on Homes?

At Murtagh Bros, Inc., we have over 18 years of experience in remediation. We’ve been repairing stucco and Dryvit on homes that have suffered from water damage for nearly two decades. Our stucco and Dryvit repair contractors will surgically identify the underlying problems, things other contractors miss. Then we’ll develop a plan, suggesting the right repairs for the job.

Our contractors perform work that only skilled stucco contractors can do. We don’t just remove faulty stucco and reapply a new coat. That method is sure to hide some major issues caused by the damage. Instead, we assess your home for structural integrity and create a plan of action to restore your home to a safe condition that will eliminate any further issues caused by the water damage.

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In choosing Murtagh Bros., you’ve taken the first step towards full remediation. Our goal is to leave you with a home in the best condition possible. We have countless happy customers, and as a family-run business, our service level is second to none!

Contact us today at 610-359-1979 and one of our stucco remediation experts will gladly walk you through our process of remediation, inspect your home, and develop a plan of attack.

We perform stucco remediation and water damage repair in the Delaware Valley region and have serviced customers in the following locations recently:

  • Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia County)
  • Media, PA (Delaware County)
  • Newtown Square, PA (Delaware County)
  • Narberth, PA (Montgomery County)
  • Ambler, PA (Montgomery County)