Looking to increase the value of your home? Thinking about selling in the near future, but want to ensure that you can demand top dollar for your property? At Murtagh Bros., Inc., our contractors are experts in remodeling and updating tired old homes to maximize sale values. While a new addition can really ensure that your home’s value tops out at a favorable number, there are also some easy, affordable projects that homeowners can take on their own to get their living space’s “real estate ready.”

1. Clean Up Your Space

A little elbow grease can go a long way. Take a weekend to roll up your sleeves and declutter your home. This can have a huge impact on how potential buyers view your home. Mortgage and real estate brokers can’t stress this point enough: a clean, decluttered home is easier to sell than a dirty, cluttered mess. It might take you a few days (and the cost of cleaning supplies), but getting down in the muck and the mud to beautify your home for buyers is one of the best investments you can make. Also, decluttered rooms appear larger, which can really add dollar signs to the value of your home.

2. Redo Your Entryway

In home sales, first impressions matter. Compared to other home improvement projects, replacing an old, out-of-date door with a new model really packs an ROI punch you can rely on, according to US News & World Report. This is low-hanging fruit, but it’s where the real gains are made. Ensuring that your home’s entryway is warm and inviting can go a long way in shaping the experience buyers have when viewing your home. Replacing your front door (especially if it lets in a draft) is a quick, easy way to give your home a mini facelift.

3. Beautify Your Home’s Surroundings

There’s a reason “curb appeal” is such a big concept in home selling. Take an afternoon or two to really dig into your front yard and garden spaces. A fresh mow and some new mulch in garden beds can make a huge difference. You want your house looking it’s best. Also consider adding plants to areas for a fresh punch of color and light. Just be sure to pick low-maintenance shrubs and plants. Try to stick with options native to your region that can tolerate drought, saving the green in your wallet.

4. Improve Your Lighting

Buyers prefer homes that are light and bright. Proper lighting is a natural mood booster, meaning adequate lighting actually makes your prospective buyers happier as they move through your home. Make sure to replace old bulbs with new ones before you invite buyers into your home, and don’t neglect the windows. Always clean your windows before a showing to ensure that your home is seen in the “right light.” It can also help to replace old light switches with new facings; it’s a quick way to give your walls a mini facelift, for almost no money at all.

5. Give Your Kitchen A Quick Remodel

It’s long been said that buyers purchase homes based on the kitchen. It’s an old adage, but it also happens to be true. Not in line for a massive kitchen renovation? That’s okay. There are simple and affordable ways to quickly improve your kitchen’s appeal for buyers. You don’t need to spend a fortune upgrading your kitchen counters or installing new stainless steel appliances, because a day’s work re-painting the kitchen cabinets can do the trick. Also consider replacing your drawer handles for a quick and easy remodel that can go a long way in improving the look of your drawers.

6. Give Rooms A Splash Of Color

Rooms looking a little tired? Painting can be a great way to revive outdated spaces, while also covering over any problem areas. Just don’t go overboard. Muted, neutral colors are more likely to appeal to a large pool of buyers. Stay away from bolder, niche choices like fuchsia, because you’ll be limiting your options. Repainting is a great DIY project for homeowners to take on. Try brighter, lighter colors to give drab or dark rooms a makeover. A new coat of white or beige paint can even make a room feel larger.